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RESPs give your child the gift of education and limitless opportunities

Heritage Education Funds is a leading group RESP provider in Canada with over $2.33 billion in assets and 50 years of experience. We are RESP experts. Unlike the big banks, the distribution of RESPs is all we do. We're passionate about helping you make the most of your Canadian RESP savings, from managing your paperwork to making sure you get the grants you're entitled to. But most of all, we'll ensure that your money is available for you when you need it while your child collects funds for education and limitless opportunities for the future.

Invest in a bright future for your child with lower risk RESPs

At Heritage, your net contributions and government grants are invested in fixed-income lower risk investments such as government bonds and GICs and pooled income in the plans can be invested in a mix of Canadian equities and US and Canadian Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and corporate bonds. Both investment strategies provide a competitive and consistent return over the life of the plan. Best of all, the earnings on these investments (including the government grants) are tax-sheltered. So save for your child's post-secondary education today and let the government help you pay for it tomorrow.