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Meet yesterday's RESP group plan subscribers who are now today's leaders


Many of the leaders and professionals of today have benefited from the tax free savings of a Heritage RESP in Canada. Some of them believe their success could not have been possible without an RESP group plan.

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Meet our proud Heritage RESP alumni below:

"When I was about one year old, my parents decided to invest the money they received from their family allowance into a Canadian Heritage RESP. I was not aware at that early age of the efforts my parents had to make to put money aside for my future, despite their modest income. Thanks to all their efforts, I will graduate this spring and I will be able to sleep without a care because I will have no student loan debt. Thank you Mom and Dad."
Valerie Michaud
Riviere-du-Loup, Quebec

"My parents thought well ahead in planning to pay for my post-secondary education. I am going to make my parents proud by making effective use of their money and having a great career (my goal is to become a pharmacist). I am very lucky to be a Heritage beneficiary."
Shraddha Patel
Brampton, Ontario

"Growing up in a low-income family, I was raised to understand the value of money and work towards my own goals. Because of my Heritage RESP, I am halfway towards earning my degree to become a registered nurse. I cannot thank my parents enough for thinking about my education early in my life."
Claire Horton
Fort Langley, B.C.

"When I graduate, I will feel so relieved to be debt-free. I truly feel for my peers who have to rely on loans to pay for their education and the worries this brings to their life. So thank you Dad and thank you Heritage for guiding me financially through my university career."
Laura Campanaro
LaSalle, Ontario

"Thanks to Heritage and my grandparents, I am able to pursue my professional dreams and volunteer my time to help great causes. I am pursuing medicine through a Bachelor of Science Major in Biology and I couldn't have done it without my RESP!"
Jessica Schnerch
Winnipeg, Manitoba

"A Heritage RESP has given me the opportunity to pursue a post-secondary education without the constant worry of student loans. I am proud to say that I am about to accomplish one of many dreams (a B.A. in Sociology) but not without a thank you to my parents and Heritage."
Cindy Yong
Calgary, Alberta

"Having a Heritage RESP has allowed me to pursue an Honours Education degree. Since it is hard for me to get enough money through summer work, I can rely on Heritage to provide me with the support I need to pay my way through school."
Courtney MacAdam
Thorold, Ontario

"Having a Heritage RESP has provided me with peace of mind and helped me stay focused on school and on the right path to achieve my goals."
Sivanithy Granapandithan
Toronto, Ontario

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