Introducing the Heritage Educational Foundation

Dedicated to Supporting Canadian Learning
and Student Funding

The Heritage Educational Foundation was created to support the cultural and environmental education of our community. The Foundation provides resources to help students and parents pursue their post-secondary education goals through the help of the Heritage Educational Foundation's Council. The council includes notable representatives from Canadian associations, government parties, and businesses. The council is proud to share the same belief that higher education is important for sustaining the integrity of Canadian communities.

We Want to Hear Your Story

Are you a beneficiary of a Canadian RESP from Heritage? If so, you have a unique story to tell and we want to hear it. We want to hear about your parents' commitment to saving for your student funding. We want to hear about how a Canadian RESP has helped you achieve your goals. Click here to "Tell Us Your Story". Or learn about how our Educational Foundation contributed to the successes of our Heritage Alumni.

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