Registered Education Savings Plans

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Government Grants

Take advantage of a number of government grants with an RESP - your education savings plan. With the Canada Education Savings Grant*, you can receive up to $7,200 for your child's education from the Canadian government. With the Canada Learning Bond, you can receive up to $2,000 for your child's post-secondary education. Are you getting the most out of your grants? Click here to learn more about how to maximize your grants!

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RESP Tax Benefits

Take advantage of RESP tax benefits. With an RESP, you can shelter your investment earnings from tax while your education fund grows. When your child is ready to use his/her RESP for university or college, the funds are taxable under the student's name. Because students typically have high exemption status and low income, the taxes they pay should be little to none.

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Increasing Your Contributions**

Increasing your RESP education savings plan contributions early is crucial as it allows more time for your contributions to grow. Increased RESP contributions will also help you reach your education savings goal much quicker. 

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**Increasing your contributions is subject to Heritage Educational Foundation’s suitability and affordability guidelines. Please speak with your dealing representative for more information.

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