Heritage Education Funds celebrates 50 successful years as a leading RESP provider

TORONTO, ON (March 26, 2015) – Heritage Education Funds, a leading, trusted and experienced provider of Registered Education Savings Plans ("RESPs") in Canada, is delighted to be celebrating 50 years of helping families achieve their educational dreams. The company has successfully administered over 460,000 plans since its inception in 1965.
"We are grateful for our founders, builders, dealing representatives, managers, employees and of course our loyal customers, without whom the past 50 years of success would not be possible," exclaims Scott McIndless, Chairman, Board of Directors, Heritage Education Funds.
As a pioneer and long-standing champion for higher education, the company has helped develop the concept of the RESP and transform it into a reality.  In the 1970s, past Heritage president George McOuat, and his team worked with former Minister of Education John Turner to develop and pass legislation so that parents would avoid paying taxes on education savings plans.  Ultimately, the RESP as we know it today, was born. 
To date, the company has helped over 440,000 families accomplish their goal of sending their children to college, university, or another form of post-secondary education.  Heritage successfully paid out over $200 million in 2014, bringing the total payouts to over $1.3 billion since inception. 
The company has positioned itself for continued growth and as part of its #HeritageNext50 plan. Heritage will be investing in a financial literacy program later this year, which is designed to help families understand all aspects of managing money in their day-to-day lives. Heritage is dedicated to providing the necessary educational tools to parents and children alike so that they can secure a strong fiscal future for themselves. 
"With the rising costs of post-secondary education and increasing household debt numbers, Heritage Education Funds is committed to teaching families about savings," explains McIndless.
Unlike other organizations that offer an array of products, Heritage Education Funds is focused solely on RESPs. This helps us to typically provide consistent and competitive returns for our subscribers.
Celebrate 50 years of success with Heritage by using the hashtag #HeritageNext50 via our social media channels:
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For more information, please visit HeritageRESP.com.
About Heritage Education Funds Inc.
Celebrating fifty (50) successful years in business, Heritage Education FundsTM (Heritage) is one of Canada's leading, trusted and experienced providers of RESPs (Registered Education Savings Plans). Focused on offering value to its clients, Heritage is also the distributor of the Heritage and Impression Plans. Heritage's objective is to encourage parents, grandparents and others to save for a child's post-secondary education through a planned education savings program. For more information about Heritage, and the Heritage Registered Education Savings Plans, visit HeritageRESP.com.

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